Ready to lose 15 pounds with grapefruit

Tragedy of being … FAT
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Yes! You are here to change all about that stuck!
Grapefruit Element
  • Icon Grapefruit ElementGrapefruit (Citrus Paradisi) is a species that naturally crossbred between Citrus Sinensis and Citrus Maxima considered from Barbados in the 18th century. Grapefruit is bitter and a little sweet. Barbados is also a famous place about diet and losing weight methods.

  • Icon Grapefruit ElementBy many advanced researches and hi-end production line from USA, Superior Fat Burner produced by Rose Chem Int’l Corp really gives a good, modern way to get your weight lost whether you are male or female.

  • Icon Grapefruit ElementWith 100% natural ingredient and outstanding utilities of grapefruit, Superior Fat Burner gives a great help to avoid fat and to reduce your weight. Also, it gives utilities that are good for your health and your digestion.

Your Best Decision

Superior Fat Burner is your best decision!

Superior Fat Burner is qualified by pharmaceutical office of FDA-USA, GMP standard of worldwide health.

How natural is Superior Fat Burner?
How natural is Superior Fat Burner?
  • The main ingredient of Superior Fat Burner is grapefruit powder that comes from USA. So how great is grapefruit? Grapefruit contains vitamin C, A and minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, folate is necessary to burn your fat up; is bitter and contains some acids that help your digestion be more fluently, eliminate poison and get weight lost. It also contains a lot of dissolved fiber – pectin that treats constipation. Besides, by reducing the level of insulin, it minimizes your eating cravings; preserves energy then loses your weight.

  • Natural

  • And other great natural ingredients
    Lotus leaf powder gives assistant of the spleen, purifies your body and stops the fat forming progress.
    Royal jelly contains anti- Oxidation active ingredient, anti-aging active ingredient (300 times better than Vitamin E) helps your skin smoother, avoids sagging after giving birth.
    Pumpkin is rich of fiber, Vitamin A, B prevents you from feeling hungriness, protects your heart.

How does Superior Fat Burner exterminate your fat?
Superior Fat Burner
  • The ability of losing weight of Superior Fat Burner comes from the essences of grapefruit. One of the most important essences is pectin. Pectin is extracted from the mucilage surrounding the grapefruit seed shell and from the core of the ripe grapefruit. With Superior Fat Burner, pectin is completely retained during the extraction to do more miracle things:

  • 1. Lowering the cholesterol, controlling hyperglycemia, preventing from diabetes.
    2. Lengthening the time to digest, increase the nutrients consumption. Pectin magically creates a “fake” fullness to decrease your eating limit.
    3. Losing weight without side effects like constipation.

  • Beyond all of above advantages, Superior Fat Burner is not only a fat burning tool but also a comprehensive healthcare therapy to recover your beauty.

What makes Superior Fat Burner distinguish from the others?
What makes Superior Fat Burner distinguish from the others?
  • Icon What makes Superior Fat BurnerSuperior Fat Burner lets you lose weight effectively and safely.

  • Icon What makes Superior Fat BurnerNo side effects like: constipation, diarrhea or stunned…

  • Icon What makes Superior Fat BurnerRich of royal elements: royal jelly, lotus leaf powder, pumpkin… not only gives a good way to lose weight but also take care of your skin, your health. Your skin won’t be dry, wrinkled, saggy anymore.

  • Icon What makes Superior Fat BurnerWithout side effects and weight regainment, Superior Fat Burner’s users can stop using it easily when they’re satisfied about their weight.

So what are Superior Fat Burner disadvantages?
So what are Superior Fat Burner disadvantages?
  • Icon DisadvantagesBeing imported from the USA, Superior Fat Burner is not familiar to Vietnamese.

  • Icon DisadvantagesMany people may not afford the price of 90$ to get a better weight.

  • Icon DisadvantagesThe price of Superior Fat Burner is high but you’ll soon realize that it’s worth every dong you paid. That high price is completely reasonable for its quality.

Which is the best way to lose weight?

General Motor Diet

“General Motor Diet: all you can eat is vegetable and fruits, just enough to survive. Stopping absorb carbs and protein can make your body slowly lose energy.”


Detox: using lemon, chili, and other strong acidic fruit to burn your fat up. It’s terrible to your stomach.”

Cosmetic Surgery

“Cosmetic Surgery: get fat out of your body by… hands. Believe me, it’s the most dangerous of all above way to get slim. It’s even can harm to your body permanently.”

Superior Fat Burner is the safest, the most effective and the fastest way to get slimming, good-looking body because:


Icon BenefitLosing weight without doing thousands of things.

Icon BenefitLosing weight without pain.

Icon BenefitLosing weight without harm to stomach.

Icon BenefitLosing weight even without strictly diets.

Eat moderate and let Superior Fat Burner do the rest to get your weight lost.

Use Superior Fat Burner as wisely as a wizard

Using it to lose divine into three periods:

+ In the first 3 days, use 1 pill 15 – 30 minutes before breakfast once a day.

+ Next, use 2 pills 30 minutes before breakfast to lose your weight effectively.

+ When you got the body like you wished, keep using for a short period three times a week.


Ready to lose 15 pounds with Superior Fat Burner

Losing weight therapy by Superior Fat Burner

That therapy is combining of a good eating plan and moderated exercises and, of course, Superior Fat Burner. Here is your best losing weight therapy prototype:


At the end of the therapy, you can lose 6 – 22 Pounds in one month.

Lost Weight Success

That speed of losing weight safe enough for you to get a slim body without valetudinarian or losing balance.

Sports are great. But with Superior Fat Burner, it’s even greater.

The more sports you play, the more weight you lose. These sports are probably the best for becoming slim and beauty: GYM, walking, swimming, yoga…

Play Sports

Seven days eating with Superior Fat Burner

Day 1

Breakfast: 2 pieces of bread, mixed vegetable salad, a cup of coffee.
Lunch: 2 bananas, 1 fork of boiled vegetable, mineral water.
Dinner: a bowl of noodle, half of a pomelo.

Day 2

Breakfast: a bowl of “pho”, a cup of coffee.
Lunch: 200gr cooked meat, a cup of rice, a bowl of bitter melon soup, boiled vegetable.
Dinner: boiled chicken, vegetable salad, 1 jar of yogurt.

Day 3

Breakfast: a cup of sugarless milk, 1 boiled egg, a piece of bread.
Lunch: a cup of rice, winter melon soup, 200gr dried shrimp.
Dinner: boiled winter melon, winter melon water.

Day 4

Breakfast: a bowl of noodle, a banana.
Lunch: 100gr cooked barramundi, a cup of rice, boiled vegetable water.
Dinner: a fork of vegetable salad, half of a pomelo.

Day 5

Breakfast: 2 pieces of bread, a cup of sugarless milk.
Lunch: an apple, a boiled egg, a cup of yogurt.
Dinner: a bowl of noodle, a cup of juice.

Day 6

Breakfast: 2 pieces of toasted bread, a fried egg, a cup of sugarless milk.
Lunch: 2 bananas, 1 fork of boiled vegetable.
Dinner: boiled winter melon, winter melon water, a cup of yogurt.

Day 7

Breakfast: 2 pieces of bread, a cup of sugarless milk.
Lunch: 200gr toasted rib, an apple, a cup of winter melon juice.
Dinner: a bowl of tofu noodle, a pomelo.

Day 6


We guarantee that you will lose weight with Superior Fat Burner

“After using Superior Fat Burner for a short time (a week or two), you will able to lose from 1 to 6 Pounds. It’s unbelievable, isn’t it? Not yet, the more you use Superior Fat Burner follow our counselors, the more weight you lose. As long as you wish, you’ll get slimmer and slimmer. Last but not least, you will not regain after the therapy ends.”

Commitment lose weight success

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